My name is Megan Nogalski. This collage, and the entire website, is my Freedom of Expression submission. 

I love photography and have since I was little. I've been fortunate to travel with my family to some undisturbed places (with some effort) in the United States and have seen many beautiful spots. I admit that I'm drawn to nature which you can tell by looking through nearly all of the photos on this site. 

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Family, Hiking, & Fishing

My family is amazing. We do a lot together which is a blessing. They are my number one fans and my favorite people to hang out in nature with. Each year we hike through the Rocky Mountains and fish pretty much anytime we can. See the one that got away in the collage?

Creative Cooking & Projects

When I need to clear my head, I make things! My dad is a carpenter and taught me how to swing a hammer when I was young - I've built many school projects that are still on display in classrooms today (one is shown in the collage above). My mom taught me to cook and it's a great way to let my creativity flow.

Clinicals & Serving Others

The first nursing home clinical rotation I did changed my life. The people that I was able to help fueled a passion to serve. I plan to learn global care best practices to drive change in nursing homes and improve the elderly's experience.

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